Well Well Well…

Never thought I would actually be sat here, writing my first blog post…

Hi, I’m George! I am 19 years old, I’m currently an undergraduate student, studying to be a Social Worker! I have always wanted to start a blog since 16 years of age, but recently I have been debating as to whether I should start one. I had always thought of things like ‘what would I write on my blog if I did start one’, ‘who might my target audience be’ and ‘what route my blog would actually take!’

At 16, I always wanted to have a YouTube channel and be a daily vlogger or an occasional blogger (you’ll see over time that YouTube vloggers are what I live for haha!) However, I wanted to also become a blogger… You never know, if this goes well, I may start vlogging as well!

In terms of what this blog will contain, it will mainly revolve around my life, experiences that i encounter, things I enjoy, things that have caught my eye and things that I feel would be interesting to blog about, in order to share with everyone. I love technology, love to indulge in cooking from time to time, Christmas makes me so happy, YouTubers, Candles, Rose Gold, French Bulldogs and Pugs… You get the flow of where this is going haha! Over time, I will try to include a variety of things within my blogs in order to make my blog as diverse as possible!

For now, I shall head back off and continue to plan more blog posts, set up my blog and make it look as nice as possible!

George x



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