Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree…

There is no doubt about it, Christmas is my favourite time of year and anyone who knows me will vouch for me! I won’t lie, when October comes around, I do start to play Christmas songs haha! But not all the time… I promise 🙂

So, a couple of days ago my Mum and I Christmas-ified (If YOLO and Bants can be classed as a real word, so can ‘Christmas-ified’ ahah) the house! Every year, special emphasis always goes into the Christmas tree. Lets just say that this year, we ended up putting the lights on the tree… and then taking them off seven times because they did not look right! That is dedication right there… and maybe a little bit of my OCD kicking in!

In my house, we have an artificial tree which we bought from Argos (Walmart or Target equivalent in the USA) for £19.99. I have always said that if the Christmas decorating was all down to me, I would 100% have a real Christmas tree and the tree would be up from the 30th November, ready for the festive month. The smell from a real Christmas is like no other! Hopefully next year I am going to have my own apartment so I will definitely be getting a real one! Nevertheless, I still thoroughly enjoy decorating the Christmas tree at home!




After seven attempts of the decorating, we finally decided that we were happy with the tree! Both Mum and I agreed that next year, we need to upgrade our lights as the ones we currently have are not on a continuous wire, therefore making it a nightmare to decorate the tree! Plus, the baubles we bought this year clash with the colour of the lights that we have on the tree. Next year, we are going to go for a warm white bunch of lights for the tree and if I end up getting my own apartment, I will take the coloured lights for my tree at my place!


These are the baubles that are currently sat on our Christmas tree! How amazing do they look! They are from John Lewis, originally £6 for 20 baubles, but now they have dropped in price to £4.20! There are also some small gold baubles from John Lewis which we bought for £1 but have now also dropped in price to 0.50p! We also have some small rose gold stars on the tree, also from John Lewis but they are not available anymore… they were £1 and feel like they should be £10! The quality is amazing!

Somewhere on the tree are a few special baubles that I have from a best friend of mine! For the last two years, my friend group have got together, and have gone round to one of my best friends house to help her decorate her Christmas tree. It is such a nice thing to do as it brings everyone together right before Christmas. We have some food, a few drinks and a good ole’ catch up! Especially this year, seeing as we have all been at Uni and work for the last three months and haven’t seen one another!

All in all, I am pleased with how the tree looks and in general the whole house! It feels very cosy and warm. I will be so sad to see all the decorations come down and watch everything go back to normal in January…

Do you have a colour scheme on your tree? Are you very fussy about how your Christmas tree looks like myself, or are you glad to get the tree up and decorated as soon as possible?

George x


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