Boxing Day Sale Shopping 2015!

I think I speak on behalf of most of Britain at least when I say that the next best thing that British people look forward to after Christmas, are the Boxing Day sales. Some loath them, some splash the cash like there is no tomorrow! But why not? If you don’t treat yourself all throughout the year, why should there be a problem going out on Boxing Day and soaking up some of the amazing sales! One store in particular that goes all out for Boxing Day sales is Next! They open at 6’oclock in the morning which is ludicrous!  When mum and I visited the Next store in Westfield London, it was literally ransacked! There was hardly anything left and this was at 11.30 in the morning! So the shop had only been open for five and a half hours! Shops like Topshop, Topman, H&M, Marks and Spencer, Office, JD Sports and many more were so packed that I could not bare the thought of trying to make my way through the crowd. However, I am very pleased with my Boxing Day purchases! Here is what I picked up. Enjoy!




Logo Graphic Hoodie – Hollister – From £45 down to £27.99


Applique Full Zip Hoodie – American Eagle Outfitters – From £38 down to £20



I was very pleased with my three bath bombs from Lush! All together they came to £5.91. Without the sale, these bath bombs would have cost me £11.82 all together!


Golden Wonder Bath Bomb – From £3.95 down to £1.98


Luxury Lush Pud Bath Bomb – From £3.95 down to £1.98


Snow Angel Bath Melt – From £3.98 down to £1.98

Yankee Candle:


Cheeky Boots decided that they would email me on Christmas Eve to kindly let me know that they had a 1/2 price sale on all their gifts! Thanks Boots! However, I gave in and managed to get a real bargain! Christmas Eve probably is the nicest Christmas smell ever, with a few others closely following behind! Originally, the big jars all retail at £21.99; however i got this one for £10.99! I was super-duper excited at this purchase that I nearly bought another candle but they were sold out 😦 There is always next year I suppose!

Technology related:

These two items were not on sale but I just could not resist getting the case! At £25, it is a bit expensive but I had some spare Christmas money left over and decided to treat myself to a nice case for my phone! Plus, because I have my MacBook, iPhone and iPad linked up to iCloud, I needed more iCloud storage so I bought a £15 voucher to buy some!



Did you go to the Boxing Day sales? If so, I would love to see what bargains you managed to get!



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