I PASSED!!!!!!!! 


Hi everyone! I am back! For the last week and half, I have been extremely busy, revising for something very important… My theory test!!!!! Safe to say, I passed and I cannot begin to explain how happy I am that I passed as this was my second go. In August, I took my first theory test and failed it. In the UK, you need 43/50 marks to pass the multiple choice questions and 44/75 in the hazard perception which is where you have to identify possible hazards that may turn into an actual hazard! In the first theory test, I got 48/50 in the questions and 40/75 in the hazard perception which I was gutted about!

However, in the recent theory test, I got 49/50 in the multiple choice questions and 57/75 in the hazard perception! As the theory test is something that quite a few people find difficult to pass, I thought that I would throw some tips and helpful ideas out there in order to help everyone! It is by no means an easy thing to pass so do not worry if you fail it the first time… like myself, revise even more and go back stronger the next time!

  1. When you have decided that you want to take your theory test, make sure you have your provisional licence to hand and make sure that you book the theory test on the gov.uk website. Third party websites ask for your information and book it on your behalf but for a fee which is not worth paying! The gov.uk website is very straight forward and easy to use!
  2. Begin revision early so that closer to the date of your test, you just have to recap on things your not confident on.
  3. When revising for my theory test, I used two applications on my iPhone and iPad;

    The DVSA Theory Test Kit is £4.99 (IOS only) and the HPT Expert – 42 Videos is £1.99 (Amazon Market and IOS Only). I would definitely say these two applications were the reasons as to why I finally passed!

  4. For the Hazard Perception part of the test, make sure you only click once on the hazard! In every video, you can get 5 points; the earlier you click, the more points you get.
  5. Concentrate hard on the hazard perception part of the test. There may be subtle hazards that can turn into the hazard that you need to click on. For example, a child kicking a ball in an open park which then rolls onto the road; here you would need to click once as its a hazard which could develop if the child runs out in the middle of the road to retrieve the ball.
  6. A week before your test, concentrate on doing mock tests! This will help you to know how you are doing and if you need to carry on revising or if you should carry on doing mock tests. I found that for myself, doing two weeks worth of solid revision really helped as when it came to doing the multiple choice mock tests, I was getting between 45-50 every single time!
  7. Never get upset by a bad mock test result! Mock tests are the best way of finding where you need to improve on revision. Without mock tests, you would go into the real test not knowing where your strengths and weaknesses are!
  8. Finally, try to get the earliest appointment that you can! Having an appointment after midday means you have enough time to enter a state of panic meaning you will go to the test centre so nervous that you simply will not be able to concentrate! The earlier the appointment, the shorter the anxious wait!

Here is an official video from the DVSA: Click here to watch the video!

I hope this helps those of you who have a theory test coming up, or for those of you who are simply putting it off because the thought of it fills your belly full of knots! ahaha

It feels so good to be back blogging, I’ve missed this!x



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