My Top Five Favourite Movies!

Hi guys! Today, I thought i’d share with you my Top Five Favourite Movies of all time! I can honestly say that I will never get bored of watching these movies over and over again! I hope you enjoy this blog and if you do find yourself sitting down to watch any of them or you have watched any of them, let me know what you thought of them!


1. My Big Fat Greek Wedding – Being half Greek myself, I find this absolutely hilarious!   In My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Toula is a 30 year old woman who is working in ‘Dancing Zorba’s’; her Dad’s Greek restaurant. Her Dad is starting to have his doubts as to whether Toula is going to get married and in particular, whether she is going to get married to a Greek boy! Along the line, Toula ends up finding herself a nice boy… However he is not Greek! This sends the family into turmoil as Gus, her father does not want her to marry a ‘ksenos’ – An unknown person or foreigner! However in the end, Toula gets her dream wedding… of course with every random family member invited as per usual with every Greek wedding! I honestly have to say that this movie represents a Greek family very well ahah! Many different characters all mixed into one big family! This film is sure to provide you with plenty of laughs!



2. Bridget Jones’s Diary – If you haven’t seen this movie, I suggest that you find time to sit down with a bowl of popcorn and enjoy every moment of it! I love this movie so much that in one month, I watched it about 6 times ahah, sad I know!! Bridget Jones is a young lady who decides that in the New Year, she is going to get her act together and sort her life out, only to find out that at the end of the year, she is running down the street, semi-naked after a guy who she really likes, regardless of what she may have written about him in her diary… which he has just seen! OOPS! I honestly do not think that anyone apart from Renée Zellweger could have played the role of Bridget Jones, as she hits the nail on the head whilst playing the character! Full of laughs, feeling sorry for herself, many empty promises… and wine bottles later, the movie comes to a lovely ending…


3. Mamma Mia – HERE I GO AGAIN, MY MY HOW CAN I RESIST YOU! (I honestly don’t know how I thought of that swift introduction to this paragraph, but George, pat yourself on the back!) I honestly love Mamma Mia but I secretly think I watch it more for the ABBA songs! This movie ends with a bit of a twist, a happy twist, nevertheless! The movie is set on a lovely island in Greece, where Donna’s daughter, Sophie is going to get married… but Sophie has other plans to incorporate into the wedding plans! Sophie finds out that one of three men could be her father, so she does what she thinks is correct, and invites all three of them to the wedding… *cue the awkward silence* but Sophie’s mum, Donna, has a massive shock when she finds that they are all on the island where her daughter is going to get married! On the day of the wedding, Sophie makes an unexpected decision to call off the wedding in order to spend more time with her fiancee! However, they do not let the wedding go to waste; Donna gets a shock proposal from Sam! Astounded by Sam’s kind words, Donna agrees to marry him and everyone lives happily ever after!!!


4. Dear John – If my best friend Lauren is reading this, I’m sure she is going crazy with excitement over this choice, only because Channing Tatum is featured in this movie! ahah I got you Lauren! Anyways, if your the type of person who can’t keep their emotions together well and ends up loosing control at a sad scene, then I highly suggest that you grab a box of tissues if you are going to watch this film! John is a Special Forces Army Sergeant who was on a two-week leave when he meets Savannah after diving into the ocean to retrieve her purse that had fallen from the pier that she was standing on! John falls deeply in love with Savannah who is a college student and is on spring break at the time she meets John. John discovers that Savannah is building a house for Habitat for Humanity and John decides to help her build the house! Savannah then also falls deeply in love with John. Spring break finally comes to an end, however Savannah promises that she will write to John whilst he is overseas for the next 12 months of his life till he returns. However, when John returns from completing his enlistment, there love for one another is put under pressure when John decides to reenlist himself after the tragedy of 9/11. Sadly, after many years away from one another, Savannah decides to write John a letter… This would be the last letter that she sends John! See what I mean, even writing it is making my eyes water! Honestly, a box of tissues or a couple would be advised whilst watching this movie!


5. Planes, Trains and Automobiles – Being in a situation like this guy in this movie is like literally my worst nightmare. Neal Page is trying to get home for Thanksgiving after having a meeting in New York with the company he works for, Neal heads off to the airport in a bad mood after just having lost his cab to someone else, this someone else is Del Griffith. Funnily enough for Neal, he arrives at the airport to find that the same person who took his cab, is actually on the same plane as him and after being moved from 1st class, to coach, he finds that he is sat next to Del… Oh how lucky! Due to the heavy snow in Chicago, the plane is diverted to Wichita, KS and the prospect of Neal missing Thanksgiving with his family is becoming more and more real! He ends up sharing a room with Del on the agreement that he pays for the cab fare! In the morning, they find out that all of their cash has been stolen during the night by someone who made their way into the room! Long story short, Neal and Del use a plane, a train and an automobile in order to make their way home! However, sadly for Del, Thanksgiving isn’t the same for him as it is for everyone else. Neal remembers Del telling him that his wife Marie has been dead for 8 years and that he has no where to go. Upon returning to the station, Neal finds Del sitting on his own. Neal decides to invite Del back for Thanksgiving with his family… How sweet! From a situation that started catastrophically, Neal got home in time for Thanksgiving with his family, and Del shared his Thanksgiving with someone who he had only met a couple of days before, but nevertheless he was extremely grateful!

I hope you have enjoyed this blog! Such a mixture of movies, from sad, to happy, to comical aha!



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