My Ultimate Bucket List!

Hiya everyone! I hope you are all well! As the title says, today I thought I would give you guys an insite into my bucket list! Over the past couple of weeks, I have been in deep thought as to what things I want in life and things that I want to achieve! Some of them are stabs in the dark and some of them are things that I believe that with a bit of hard work and determination, I could definitely accomplish. So here goes!

  1. Finish university with a 2:1 or 1st.
  2. Find a job within 6 months or less after being out of university.
  3. Rent a nice apartment which allows me to live close-ish to my parents and also to my place of work.
  4. Whilst renting, try to save up some form of deposit for a home that I can call my own!
  5. Make sure this house has ceiling spotlights and under-cabinet lighting in the kitchen. (Dont ask haha, its just something that would make my house extra special)
  6. Buy a brand new or fairly new Audi A1, Audi A3, Audi TT or BMW 1 Series Coupe.
  7. Own a French Bulldog and Pug.
  8. Travel the world during the course of my life.
  9. Tying into number 8, definitely visit New York at Christmas or New Year
  10. I would love to buy my parents their own house but by that time comes, my parents will have retired and probably moved to Greece. Its the thought that counts though haha!
  11. MAYBE get married (although it is not top of my priorities if I am very honest)
  12. If possible, have a nice holiday home in Spain or Italy.
  13. Be financially stable but never let money take control of my life!
  14. Never own a credit card or be in debt apart from Student Finance!
  15. If I end up having children, set up an account for them and make monthly payments into that account and give it to them on their 18th birthday to pay for adult things like driving lessons, a car, or even help towards their own house.
  16. Finally… live a happy and joyful life, full of things that I want to do with no or minimal worries surrounding me and most of all, the best health for myself and my family.


I love reading bucket lists, it is an insite into what people want to acheive out of life! Do you have a bucket list and if so, what would you consider to be the three most important things on it? I’d love to know! Hope you’ve enjoyed this



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