What I Got for Christmas 2015

Hey everyone! Hope you are well. Today I thought I would give you an insight into what I got for Christmas! I love reading these types of blogs and also watching YouTube videos of people showing what they received for Christmas. This is not me trying to brag or show off. I know that there are people out there who love to see what people got! Hope you enjoy it 🙂

Christmas Eve:


Bless my mum, on Christmas Eve morning, I woke up and came down stairs to find a little gift propped up against the microwave in the kitchen. I thought that maybe she left it there by accident and had wrapped in up in the morning for some strange reason! So I went to pick it up to put it under the tree and the tag read ‘To George, Merry Christmas Eve, Love Mum’. I couldn’t contain my excitement! I haven’t watched them yet even though it is the 2nd January. However I will be taking them back to Uni with me…Who says you can’t watch Elf in February? ahah

Stocking Fillers:

Even though I am nearly 20 years old, receiving a stocking on Christmas morning makes me so happy! The fact that they are funny little presents to open in the morning makes waiting for everyone to get ready to open up the bigger presents more tolerable! Aha


Main Presents:


I love my presents so much! I’m so grateful for my iPad Mini as I have had my iPad 2 for about four years and it is now on it’s last legs due to IOS 9 making it run slow! I now don’t have to carry my MacBook to lectures which is amazing!!!

I hope that you got what you wanted for Christmas and you are enjoying your presents! I’d love to hear about what you got for Christmas!



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