My Candle Collection!

Hey everyone! Whilst I was out and about on Monday afternoon with my Mum, I had an idea! I decided that I was going to sit down and write a blog about one of my recent found loves…Candles! 2015 saw me go crazy when it comes down to candles! Although I love my Yankee Candles, I also find that places like Primark, HomeSense and food shops like Tesco and Sainsbury’s have amazing candles at such cheap prices! The idea for this blog post came whilst I was actually in the home section of Primark… looking at candles ahah! Seeing as we are not allowed to burn candles in my Uni, I won’t be burning a lot of candles for 3/4 of the year. This isn’t as bad as it sounds as I can build up my candle collection!

Yankee Candles:


Christmas Eve – Oh my… This candle is life! It is such an addictive smell. I actually love it so much! It smells amazing! I don’t think I can put into words how much I actually love this candle!!


Christmas Memories – Now… To me, this candle smells very much like the Orthodox Church that I attend! It is a very strong christmassy smell which incorporates many different spices in order to give it the smell it has. Nevertheless, it is an amazing smell!


Angel’s Wings – This is such a soft and relaxing smell. It is such a calming smell. Plus, the colour is so nice. I know its white, but it is just such a crisp and sharp white!


Strawberry Buttercream – This was actually bought for my mum by my ex-girlfriend for my Mum’s birthday. I know I really should throw it in the bin but what the hell… it’s a Yankee Candle! It would be a crime to throw such a nice candle in the bin aha! Nevertheless, it is a really nice smell but does sometimes give me a headache, i’m not sure if that is because it is strong… or every time I smell the candle it reminds me of the ex… you be the judge of that ahahahah!


Icicles – This has such a fresh smell. When I first smelt it, it almost reminded me of fresh washing that had only just been hung up to dry…


Candy Cane Lane – This literally smells of Candy Canes and nothing else to spoil the smell. Normally I hate the smell of Candy Canes but this smell is too good to hate!


Winter Glow – Whenever I smell Winter Glow, the first thing that comes to mind is walking into a warm house during the winter and becoming all red in the face because its so cold outside but so warm inside that you start to glow with warmth!


Spiced Orange – This has to be one of the most Christmassy smells ever! It smells nearly the same as one of these:Β kitchen-wreath


Bundle Up – This is also a very christmassy smell. It reminds me of being wrapped up nice and warm and walking around an outdoor Christmas tree shop!


Snowflake Cookie – This is a very sweet and strong smell. Personally, I don’t think I would even buy the small jar of this as just smelling it gave me a slight headache!


Yankee Candle 12 Days of Christmas – This was bought for my Mum and Dad as a Christmas present by one of my cousins from Greece. She got this from Harrods around 5 years ago and we still have not burnt it because it looks too good to ruin aha! However with my new love developing ever so fast, I may burn these at Christmas this year… Only another 352 days 😦 *heart breaks*


Sweet Berry & Patchouli – Now, you would automatically think that candles from Primark are going to be really bad quality. However they aren’t! This one smells nice and sweet. Funny to say, but to me, this smells like a summer berry trifle… Don’t ask aha!


Clementine and Honey – Can I just start by saying… How cute is this jar!? Not going to lie, I am more excited about the candle finishing so I can clean it out to use it as a cup or some sort of decoration ahah! Back to the candle! Β Smell wise, it smells more like clementine only… I can’t really smell the honey in the candle. However, the candle smells lovely with or without the honey!


Summer Rain and Forest Berries – Right… Primark, you have done me proud! This is an amazing smell for a store like Primark! It smells fresh, vibrant and I highly doubt that I will burn this till the summer months are around the corner! Plus can we just take a moment to sit in amazement at the fact that this little jar is going to provide me with 16hours of burning time for… Β£1! Yeah, Β£1!



Deck the Halls – This candle smells very festive and very warm… after all, it was in the Christmas section aha! It smells very much like Mulled Wine. Even though I don’t like the taste of Mulled Wine, I thought the next best thing was to have a candle that smelt like it! Sadly I forgot to burn this during Christmas because it was hidden behind a Christmas card on my shelf! I guess I will just have to drag the Christmas spirit out a bit longer ahah!


This was from HomeSense but sadly has no name on it! However my Mum seems to be adamant that it smells like Play-Doh aha! If I am honest, with every smell I take from it, I am starting to understand where she is coming from! It doesn’t smell bad but its not my go-to candle!

Thats it! I hope you enjoyed this blog! If you have a blog about candles, I would definitely love to see it so drop a link down below and I shall be sure to have a read!



8 thoughts on “My Candle Collection!

  1. You need to smell Yankee Candle’s fireside treats. It is amazing!! To me, it smells exactly how camping should smell 😍 also, primark does this lush one called Red Berries and Jasmine I believe. It’s a pink one. Where on earth is home sense?! I’m feeling a trip there!!
    P.S. love the comment about your ex πŸ˜‚ I agree, Yankee Candle’s are too good to throw away πŸ˜‚


    1. Fireside Treats actually sounds so nice! I think I have had red berries and jasmine or at least smelt it!
      Also, HomeSense is near Park Royal? It’s near the A40!
      Also, ahah couldn’t not put the comment in there ahah πŸ˜œπŸ˜‡


      1. It is amazing!!! It’s my favourite Yankee Candle scent 😍
        Well I think a little shopping trip is due there this weekend πŸ˜…


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