A Bit of An Update…!

Hi everyone! Hope you are well! I am currently back at uni now after a very long 6 week Christmas break so I am settling back in slowly but surely. Whilst planning some blogs yesterday, I was sat thinking to myself that there is actually something missing from my blog! I realised that in order to become a regular uploader, my blog definitely needs an uploading schedule! Seeing as I am back at uni now and things are heating up yet again with assignments and planning, the best thing to do would be to introduce a schedule to my blog!

I have therefore decided that every Monday, I am going to be uploading a blog! Hopefully this blog will be up between 12noon and 5pm! However, if a spare day pops up during the week that I have free to myself to do what I want, I will be sure to grab myself a cuppa and sit and write an extra one! Thinking back to the 19th September when I moved into uni, to the 6th December when I left for my Christmas holidays, it just shocked me actually how quick the time went! So I think that the earlier I start my preparation for my assignments, the less stressed I will be closer to the time of submission! Plus keeping my blog up and running for you lovely lot!

I hope everyone is well! I also hope that everyone understands where I am coming from as the last thing I would want to do is give up on my blog due to uni commitments!





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